Lakes Kohangapiripiri and Kohangatera

March 08, 2020

Mention the Pencarrow lakes to most Wellingtonians and they’ll have no idea what you’re talking about—just like so many of the coolest outdoors attractions in the region. Beyond the well-known Pencarrow Head, there are tracks all around these coastal lakes. With so many cool picnic and sightseeing spots, allow more time than I did and make a day of it. If it’s sunny, bring plenty of sunscreen also.

The boardwalk/bridge across upper Lake Kohangapiripiri closed for maintenance shortly after I did this walk. Please double check that it has reopened before attempting.


The track climbs above Lake Kohangatera


Back to the coast, Baring Head is visible in the distance


Reeds of Lake Kohangapiripiri


Looking down to the main Pencarrow 4WD track. The lower lighthouse is just around that corner, with the upper one visible on the hill.


The upper Pencarrow lighthouse

IMG 20200308 124128

While approaching Pencarrow Head, I stopped to watch the A350 land from a distance