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Cass-Lagoon Saddle Track

March 19, 2021
35.0 km
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We dropped a car at the western carpark then drove to the eastern one, tackling the walk clockwise. With the popularity of State Highway 73, hitchhiking is a real alternative here to get between carparks. A couple of other Cass-Lagooners happened to arrive at the western carpark at the same time as us. They were intending to walk to the road to hitchhike but were able to get a ride with us.

If running the track, the counterclockwise direction would probably make more sense. This way the steepest ascent is done early and gradual downhill is maximised.

Day 1

Most of the day is a gradual climb up Cass River. The scenery gets dramatic at Cass Saddle.

Looking back down the track while approaching Cass Saddle
Just over Cass Saddle, the beech was covered in this mossy stuff - quite atmospheric in combination with the low cloud

Hamilton Hut is halfway along the track. It’s nicely located on a bank set back from Hamilton Creek. We were the first group at the hut, arriving around 3pm. This way we were able to make the most of the sunshine hours and great weather by reading in the sun and throwing a frisbee around.

The riverside plain in front of Hamilton Hut. The ground is more level close to the hut and made for an excellent spot to throw a frisbee.
The night allowed for some good astrophotography before the cloud rolled in. Visible is Hamilton Hut and the bank upon which it sits.

Day 2

We set off up Harper River as the sun rose above the hills.

Hamilton Hut and its surroundings in the morning
I only had my landscape lens with me for this trip but robins are so tame that it served adequately for bird photography. This particular individual was quite fascinated with the toilet marker.
We found a comfortable spot for lunch, perched high on a riverbank overlooking a clearing. There was this moss that made for the most pleasant cushion. We watched some others pass us while we ate.

Beyond A-Frame Hut, the vegetation falls away to reveal what must be some of the best views in the area.

Magnificent views from Lagoon Saddle
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